Aeolian Islands – Boat Excursions from Lipari

Explore the beautiful Aeolian Islands by boat!

We organize boat excursions for our clients aboard typical Aeolian boats. Excursions start from Lipari to all seven islands of the archipelago, in order to show you the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of these islands, creating an unforgettable excursion.

Lipari – Vulcano – Salina

Swimming in Salina

Vulcano with its characteristic mud pool and the excursion up to the crater; Salina with its capers and “Malvasia” cultivations and “Pollara” village, heart of “Il Postino” film shooting. Lipari, with its pumice stone beaches, the important archeological area and the findings of ancient wreckages.

Boat tour of Lipari and Vulcano with possibility to climb to the “Gran Cratere”

boat trip lipari
Departure from Lipari to Vulcano in the morning by private boat.  After a few minutes of navigation we reach the peninsula of Vulcanello and the “Valley of the monsters”, and then reach the main port of Vulcano, where we will stop a couple of hours free time. 
From here you can easily reach the “Acque Calde” beach or the “Sulphure mud bath”.  Alternatively, you can wander through the main streets of the island dotted with small shops, where you can also find artisan shops, boutiques, bars, pizzerias and restaurants.

On the other hand, those who love naturalistic excursions, the visit to the “Gran Crater” of Vulcano is a must. Just a few minutes walk from the Port of Levante a path leads to the summit. The climb is not demanding, does not require special equipment and preparation and is suitable for everyone. Once you reach the summit, you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Vulcano island crater
Vulcano crater By stefan_fotos from Leipzig, Germany

The Gran Crater of Vulcano is, in fact, the only place where you can admire the entire Aeolian archipelago in one glance. Some of the most suggestive shots of the Aeolian Islands come from this point.  We will see the famous “Sirenetta”, the “Alum Grotto”, finally arriving at the enchanting beach of fine black sand called “Baia dell’Asino” for another pleasant swim. 
Then we will continue to the village of “Gelso” and to the coastal area near the “Grotta del Cavallo” and the “Piscina di Venere” for a swim.

We will end the excursion at the “Baia di Vinci” in Lipari. The return to Lipari is expected in the afternoon, around 17.00 h.

Panarea e Stromboli

panarea, isle eolie

Panarea is the smallest island in the archipelago. It is believed that Panarea and the small islets that surround it are a submerged volcano.

Boat tour of Panarea and Stromboli with the possibility of climbing to the Stromboli craters.

panarea calajunco bay
Panarea, Calajunco

Departure from Lipari to Panarea and Stromboli in late morning with private boat. Once in Panarea, the most glamorous of the Aeolian Islands, we will stop for a first swim in the area of ​​the beautiful Calajunco Bay, located under the prehistoric village, dating back to the Bronze Age (14th century BC) and discovered in 1948, of “Capo Milazzese”.

We will continue along the coast of Panarea, the boat will stop at the main port. Here we will have some time available to visit the village, go shopping among the numerous exclusive boutiques or have lunch in a local restaurant. Once back on board, we will sail to the islets, where we will stop to observe the famous “sulphurous gorghi” (bubbles of water from a submarine volcanic activity).

stromboli, isole eoilie
Stromboli, photo By Steven W. Dengler

Then we will proceed to Stromboli. The island hosts one of the most active volcanoes in the world that locals, in a nice way, usually call “Iddu” (him), almost like a member of their family. Once arrived at the port, we will walk to the meeting point where our volcanological guides will greet us and assist us with the climb to the craters (Travel time: 3-4 hours of ascent plus 2-3 hours of descent – Medium/high difficulty). Once at the top, the participants will witness the unique and unforgettable scenario of night eruptions.

Participants who do not wish to climb to the crater, can visit the village, with its small white houses and narrow alleys, and try the local food.

Late in the evening return to Lipari.

*Please notify us when booking if you do not wish to climb to the crater and you will be entitled to a reduction.

Filicudi e Alicudi

Alicudi, aeolian islands
Alicudi island

These wild islands are a place where you can enjoy silence and the crystal clear waters that surround Canna rock, and explore the play of light and shadows in the suggestive “Bue marino” grotto.

Every excursion stops at least two islands, with time for swimming and visiting the villages.