Archeology tours in Lipari

Discover the fascinating and rich history of the Aeolian Islands.

Lipari is a great location for archeology tours and excursions. Known as Meligunis in ancient times, Lipari has been inhabited since the middle Neolithic era when the first settlers began trading obsidian glass stone throughout the Mediterranean.

Lipari Castle

The first traces of human civilization are the circular huts with stone bases dating back to 5000 AC found on Rocca di Lipari. The Aeolian Islands were known in these remote times for a hard glasslike stone that was used to make blades and arrow heads, and also for the Stromboli volcano that has always been used as an illuminated landmark by mariners throughout the centuries.

Lipari archeological museum

The Aeolian Archaeological Museum, located in Lipari Castle, houses a prolific collection of relics found during important excavations conducted throughout the archipelago from 1940 to the present day. The archeological museum holds a section dedicated to the conservation of Roman ships and a section specialized in Geology and Volcanology.